How to Make the Most of Every Opportunity

Time management is a myth. Life is not about time, it is about priorities. Ephesians 5:15-16 says, “Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity.” How we do this may be different for each one of us of depending on our personality style.

Each personality style has a different time focus and they prioritize their time and activities differently. Some work well with planners and others do not. Each style is motivated differently and they have different causes for procrastination.

How does each personality style best prioritize and make the most of every opportunity?

heart_PNG691The security seeking style-The Hearts-time focus is on the past. Planning is natural and important to hearts. They prefer a step-by-step plan with clear goals, objectives, schedules and milestones. Using planners is natural for them because they like to work systematically through lists. Hearts are motivated by schedules and timelines. Hearts are most likely to procrastinate when they feel they do not have control of themselves and their time. The best way for Hearts to get back on track is to stop over-organizing and get started.

bodyThe thrill-seeking style-The Bodies-time focus is on the now. They are the free spirits who are just living for the moment. They do not systematically work through lists very well. They are motivated by fun and excitement. They tend to procrastinate when they are involved in a long-term project or when something becomes boring to them. The best way for the Bodies to get back on track is to find some way to make things fun again.

soulThe identity seeking style-The Souls– time focus is on the future. Souls tend to look at the big picture rather than the details. Some Souls are not very good at working with planners and those who do use them more as life planners rather than day planners. Souls are motivated by personal meaning and developing people. Souls tend to procrastinate if they are unable to connect meaning or value to their tasks. The way Souls can typically get back on track is to take a mental break or sometimes they simply need to work in seclusion.

mindThe knowledge seeking style-The Minds-time focus is in intervals. This means they are less interested in what time it is and they are more interested in their present project. They tend to measure time by their projects instead of the clock. Minds are the ones who are most likely to lose track of time. Minds tend to get lost in their work or project and ignore the clock altogether. They are motivated by an intellectual challenge or having the opportunity to improve something or solve a problem. Minds tend to procrastinate when they over-analyze the task instead of completing it. Often times the best way for a Mind to get back on track is to take some time alone.

Evaluate how you best work according to your own style. Do not try to make the most of every opportunity by trying to be like someone else. Be who God made you to be and make the most of every opportunity in the style that fits you best.

How will you make the most of your opportunities today?

After reading today’s blog, what personality style do you think you are?  Comment below by clicking on “leave comment” and then at the end of the week, after reviewing each personality type in more detail, you can see if you were right!

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