Do You Want to Be A Genius?

One of my favorite places to eat is Cracker Barrel. I cannot remember there being a time that the Cracker Barrel restaurant did not exist. The town I grew up in is actually home to the eighth Cracker Barrel to ever open. It is not the first, but it is still pretty cool.

My wife and I both worked at Cracker Barrel when we were in college. We have fond memories of driving back to the Johnson Bible College campus after we got off work. And yes, even after working there, we still like their food.

peg-gameWe have carried on this tradition with our kids. They love to eat at Cracker Barrel as well. Plus, they love playing that triangle peg game.  You know, that game that determines how smart you are. According to that game, I am only one peg away from being a genius. Although, most of the time when I play, I actually leave three or four pegs, BUT one time, I only left two!!

Therefore, I am only one peg away from being a genius.  Cracker Barrell said so!

I guess Cracker Barrel’s definition of a genius may need some additional research to prove true. Maybe, just maybe, being a genius includes more than learning how to jump pegs on a triangle shaped piece of wood.

Dictionary definition of word genius

But what would really make a genius?

Genius has been described as the “ability to focus on one thing at a time.”  That is the purpose of having a goal.  Do you have goals?  Are they written down?  Have you worked through a goals program?

Actually going through a goals program will help you develop focus in your life in order to do more than you would have done on your own and to achieve results more quickly.

keep-calm-and-focus-your-goalsGoing through a goals program does take time and effort but the results are amazing.  A person who is successful has simply formed the habit of doing things that unsuccessful people will not do.

If you are going to get more out of life you gotta get up and do something.  Stop waiting for your “ship to come in!”  Your “ship” is out there but it is not coming in… you gotta get in a little row boat and row with all your heart to get out to it!  A goals program can help you do just that.

So, if you really want to become a genius learn how to set and take action toward a specific goal. Do not try to accomplish a whole list of goals. Pick one.

Because, even though getting Cracker Barrel’s triangle peg game down to one peg is pretty impressive, leaving one peg does not really define a genius, but perhaps, just perhaps, action toward one focus goal does.set-goal
*Excerpts taken from GOALS: Godly Objectives Assuring Lasting Significance

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