Why Are You Here?

purposeLaurie Beth Jones once asked a group of troubled teens, “Who are you?” After a few answers, she asked, “What are your biggest fears?” She got a few more answers and then she asked, “If you knew you could not fail and money was not an issue, what would you do?”

I know you are eager to find out what those troubled teens answered, but I think it would be more important to answer those questions for yourself. Before you read on, try answering those three questions for yourself. Go ahead, do it…I am watching you 🙂

Hopefully, you answered those three questions from the first paragraph. If you did not go do it now. If you did, think about those in connection with your life purpose.

So often we do not fulfill or even discover our purpose in life because we do not understand ourselves, we allow fears and limiting beliefs to hold us back, or we have simply not thought about what we would do without all those limitations.

Genesis 5:6-27, is a list of different people over the course of about six generations. Here is the typical format of that passage: “______ had lived ___ years, he became the father of _____. And after he became the father of _____, he lived ___ years and had other sons and daughters. Altogether, he lived ___ years, and then he died.” So, if this was written about me it would read something like this: “Tommy had lived 31 years, he became the father of Appolonya. And after he became the father of Appolonya, Tommy lived 69 years and had another child. Altogether, Tommy lived 100 years, and then he died.” (Yes, I do plan on living 100 years. You are invited to my 100th birthday party if you can make it.)

Is not life more than just living, dying, and having kids? Is this it? Just survive and reproduce? I believe there is more. Our purpose is bigger than just living, dying, and having kids. Our God-given purpose is to make an eternal difference in people’s lives and to make this world a better place in the process.

Of everyone who goes to college 30% never finish. Of those who do finish 80% end up in a career unrelated to their field of study. How great would it be if we had some indication of our purpose in life before we invested in our education?


What is your purpose? What difference would knowing your purpose make in your life? God has put each one of us on this world for a reason, what is yours?

Over the next few blogs this week we will discover the three levels of purpose.

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