Second Roadblock: Procrastination; Blockbuster: Discipline

Back in 2006, I lost 25 pounds. One of the quotes that helped me in that journey was a quote by Zig Ziglar, “Never trade what you want most for what you want now.” That quote fueled my journey to becoming a healthier person. Let me explain what it did for me.

discipline3My favorite food is ice cream. I love to have me a nice, good size bowl, of ice cream. As a matter of fact, if I ever decided to end my life I would just eat ice cream until I exploded. Wow, what a way to go!

However, I knew if I were going to lose weight and get healthy I could not just eat ice cream anytime I wanted. When it was in the house or I was somewhere where it was being sold, all I could think about was eating that ice cream…I mean…It is just that good!

discipline2So, whenever ice cream was around I had to decide. Would I stay focused on what I wanted most which was to lose weight and be healthier or would I eat the ice cream which was what I wanted now? Would I trade what I wanted most (to be healthier and lighter) for what I wanted now (a delicious bowl of that ice cream)? It was sometimes a difficult situation to be in, but the fact I lost 25 pounds and became much healthier should give you a clue as to what choice I made.

In the last blog, we discussed the first roadblock to climbing to your God-given potential: denial, and the blockbuster for it: positive self-talk. In this blog let’s look at the second roadblock, procrastination. So many of us are going to do this or we intend on doing that. At New Year’s, we make all these resolutions and we seldom keep any. The term “resolution” has actually become a joke. I do not even use that word.

Besides, if you want to make a significant difference in your life, why wait until the New Year… do it now! Procrastination and reaching your potential do not go together. If you are going to make a significant change in your life, it must be done immediately and enthusiastically.

So, what is the blockbuster to the roadblock of procrastination? DISCIPLINE. Yep, that is it. Discipline.

disciplineHow do we develop discipline? Well, I am glad you asked, “Never trade what you want most for what you want now.” That is it.

If it is something you really want most, then why trade it for something less just because it is more immediate? Never settle for something just because it brings instant but temporary gratification. Focus on doing that which will bring you long lasting and more significant gratification.

To me, nothing tastes as good as being fit feels. I still love to eat ice cream and from time to time I do. If it starts getting out of hand, I just cut it out completely for a period of time. On two different occasions, I have cut out sweets completely for 12 months. I am presently cutting them out for one month in preparation for a race I’m running in August. There are times I really want those sweets, but what I want more is to be as prepared as I possibly can for that race. I am not trading what I want most for what I want now.

discipline5Fred Smith, the founder of Federal Express, said this, “You are the way you are because that’s the way you want to be. If you really wanted to be any different, you would be in the process of changing right now.” We can talk a good talk, but what are we already doing about being the person we want to be? What are you already doing to climb to your God-given potential?

Bust through that roadblock of procrastination with the blockbuster of discipline. The discipline to do that which you want to do. The discipline to climb to your God-given potential!

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