What To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

never give up 2A few years ago I was heading out of Roanoke, Virginia and I saw a billboard that I will never forget. There was a bird, I think it was a crane, with a frog in his mouth. The only part of the frog you could see were the arms, legs, and the lump in the bird’s throat. The frog’s legs were dangling lifelessly. However, the arms of the frog were full of life as he had a death grip around the throat of that bird just below the lump. The words at the top of the billboard read,


That is my encouragement to you, “never give up!” No matter how hard times may get, never give up 4“never give up!” No matter how many times you have failed, remember to get back up and keep on trying. Failure just gives you the opportunity to begin again more intelligently, so, “never give up!” Remember to fail forward and not backward. Learn, grow, and go and “never give up!” The one thing we all have in common is failure. Failure is an event it is not a person. You may have failed, but you are not a failure, “never give up!”

When people are telling you that you cannot do it, when people are laughing at you
because you want to try it one more time, even when you begin to tell yourself that you are not good enough, change those negative failure messages to positive success messages and “never give up!”

never give up3When the only light you can see at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train, keep going and “never give up!” When people put you down and make fun of you because you have the fortitude and determination to live the exceptional life instead of the average, mediocre life, “never give up!” When things are so bad that all you can see is the inside of huge bird’s esophagus… “Never give up!”

You have a focused enthusiasm for exceptional living that unfocused, boring, mediocre existers just don’t have. Do not let them drag you down to their level of unfocused, boring, mediocre deadness. Remain focused, enthusiastic, exceptional and alive as you fail your way to success.

The secret of success is: If you fall down seven times, get up eight.
That is it.
That is what it takes.
So no matter what:



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