How Are You Energized? Depends on Your Personality

introverts and extrovertsAre you an extrovert?  Introvert? Sometimes there are misunderstandings about the differences between the two. Often times most think that one is outgoing and the other is shy.  It is much deeper than that.  Extroverts are not always outgoing and introverts are not always shy. It has more to do with where one gets their energy. This blog is a look at how certain styles of people are energized. Let’s look at each one.


Extroverts are energized by their active involvement with other people. They are typically comfortable working in groups and usually have several friends.

Extroverts are typically energized by being around other people. They, in turn, energize those they are around. They are most comfortable with the world around them, the things they can observe.

Extroverts are usually ones to jump right into something without much reflection. They typically act before think. They enjoy being active.


Introverts are typically most energized by their ideas. They are more comfortable working in small groups or perhaps even better working alone. They usually have a small group of just a few, but close, friends.

Introverts are typically energized by being alone. When they are around other people they tend to have a calming effect on others. Introverts are most comfortable with their own inner world, their own thoughts and ideas.

Introverts will sometimes think about something for so long before acting that by the time they make a decision, the opportunity has passed. They typically think before they act. They enjoy the thought process.

extroverts-vs-introverts-600x563The world needs both extroverts and introverts. Neither is better or worse than the other. We need people to think things through and we need people who just simply act. We need the richness of the introverts and we need the activity of the extroverts.

All of us have ideas and all of us take action.  We all want to be around other people sometimes and to be alone sometimes. Even though all of us have some of both extraversion and introversion in us,  each one of us has a dominant feature in us.

So which describes you best?  Extravert? or Introvert?  (Comment section is below the “submit” button under the form and says “Leave a comment”)  Let’s see how many extroverts and introverts read this blog!

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