You Cannot Stay Here

_MG_7632Last week my family and I had a “staycation”. It is where we use our vacation time to stay home. Some people use these to do home improvement projects around the house. However, we used ours to just have a comfortable week with little to no plans.


Our family did some activities that were close to home. We went to the Ark Encounter in Williamsport, Kentucky; we went to Laurel Lake for a few days and played in the water, went fishing, and learned how to operate a pontoon boat. Sidenote:  I only had to get out in the water and get it unstuck twice!

_MG_7537We had a fun time simply enjoying each other’s company and making memories together. It was relaxed, calm, and serene. It was needed, but…


I could not wait to get back into the swing of things. I could not wait to continue following my dream. I could not wait to be a productive contributor through my calling. I could not wait to continue leading a rebellion against the mundane by helping dreamers, believers, and achievers climb to their God-given potential through the power of enthusiasm.

I love what I do! This is not something I just do between weekends. Even though I enthusiastically enjoyed my vacation with my family, I could not wait to get back to my calling.

I read a quote one time that said, “Do work you do not need a vacation from.” Although I do believe periodical vacations can help us refuel even when we are doing something we love, I still understand and appreciate the sentiment.

In his book, “Caught Between a Dream and a Job”, Delatorro McNeal says there are three kinds of jobs: 1. Your dream job; 2. Stepping stone jobs; and 3. Dead end jobs. Where are you? Are you doing your dream job? Are you working toward your dream job? Or are you just settling for something that pays the bills? There is nothing wrong with where you are… Just don’t stay there.

There is a church in London, Kentucky that has a motto that goes like this: “We can’t stay here.” Insinuating that they cannot settle. They have decided not to settle with their failures or their successes. They have to move forward. They cannot just stay where they are.

There is an African tribe that uses a phrase they feel puts a horrible curse on people. The phrase is: “May you stay in one place forever.” That truly would be a horrible curse.

DSCF7989“Staycations” might be nice. But if we want to climb to our God-given potential, we cannot live our life like a “staycation.” We must be moving forward, climbing upward, and “pressing on toward the goal for which God has called us heavenward in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 3:14, NIV).

Where is God leading you to press on? What is the next step in climbing to your God-given potential? Never settle, live with enthusiasm, and turn the world upside down!

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