What EXACTLY Is It You Do For a Living Tommy Lanham?

Hi!  I’m Tommy’s wife, Tammy.  Something Tommy and I have in common is we both struggle with a short answer when the inevitable question comes up “So, what do you do?”  I, personally, homeschool a 6th grader and 8th grader, am the chief marketing officer for my husband’s business as well a the owner of Tammy Lanham Images, specializing in photography and marketing for entrepreneurs and small businesses.  See – not really a very short answer, is it?

So I sat down with Tommy Lanham and interviewed him to try and get a better idea of how to market him.  I’ll let you listen in:

So Tommy, what is it you do for a living?
I used to say I was a speaker and life coach. The ppotential 2roblem with that answer is that many people have no idea what that means. It is such a vague description of what I do. It is like asking a mechanic what he does and him answering, “I lift hoods and twist wrenches.”

Give me the short answer.
I help people climb to their God-given potential. Although some think I’m a comedian, I love puns and that my full-time job is keeping my wife happy.  All of that is true, too.

Who is it that you help?
Organizations, churches, ministries, marriages, and individuals.  Hungry ones.

I was recently working with a coach myself and together we came up with,  “I serve those who hunger for their God-given potential.” This better identifies who I work with. People who are content in their day-to-day life probably have no interest in what I have to offer.


Who will benefit from working with you?
Those who hunger.  Businesses who want to be more successful, more productive, more peaceful.  Organizations who are ready to move forward and really crush it.  Churches who want to go beyond the status quo.  People/organizations who have big plans but don’t know how to move forward with those plans.  Those who are ready to make changes, ready to discover what God has in store for them.

Those people are much less likely to get sidetracked when the climb becomes difficult. Because it will get difficult. If you do not have that inner hunger, all the skill, motivation and coaching in the world will not help you.

How exactly do you work with people?
I do one-on-one coaching, I travel and speak, offer motivational keynotes, present partial and full day training for organizations and events.  I have three popular presentations “Great Minds Think Together” “Organized Dreaming” and “The Climb” that can stand alone or build upon one another to create an unstoppable recipe for success.

Explain to me “Location / Destination / Navigation”
That’s the three programs I just mentioned.
1.  Location:  Step one is figuring out your own location – your starting point on your GPS. Who are you? Get an understanding of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses, personality, spiritual gifts, your present state, etc.  This helps give you an understanding of where you are starting. You cannot map out where to go until you find out where you are.  This self-awareness is discovered and examined in my program “Great Minds Think Together.”  It is the foundation of my 3-step program.

2.  Destination:  Where do you want to be?  What do you want most out of life?  This step is all about discovering your organization’s purpose and future. In this program, you create a vivid picture in your mind about where you would like you or your organization to go. What kinds of goals are you setting?  Get specific about your goal or dream. Do not say, “I want to increase productivity.” That is like telling your GPS, “I want to go north.” That is not a destination. In this program, I help you get specific. My program “Organized Dreaming” helps you set goals with razor sharp focus. It’s a great tool on its own but it’s also an incredibly effective tool when coupled with the foundational program in step 1.

3.  Navigation:  Once your GPS finds your location, and you enter the address you want to go to, then and only then, will the GPS calculate a route for you. Then you can follow the direction to get to your destination. Sometimes you may need to re-calculate along the way just like a GPS does, but that does not mean you abandon the destination. It just means you may need to make some adjustments along the way. The program “The Climb” is the motivation, empowerment and the guide along your journey that helps you navigate which step to take next.

There you go! A simple three step process. Location + Destination + Navigation = your GPS for success in getting from where you are to where you want to be!

So, what is it you tell people when they ask what it is you do?
I am leading an enthusiastic revolution against the mundane.  I don’t think they always get it.

You get up on a Monday morning.  What’s your first hour look like?
I send out reminder emails to my coaching clients of their upcoming coaching calls this week. I do any last minute preparations for any groups I’ll be speaking to during the week and check my calendar for upcoming group presentations or travel.

Then I eat a bowl of cereal and kiss my wife good morning.  Remember, gotta keep my wife happy.  😉  The same things any leader of a revolution does, right?

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