Step Three to Finding Real Happiness: Feed Your Mind

garbage.jpgWhat if I came into your house with a pile of garbage and dumped it all out on your living room floor? What would you do? You may call the police or you may take matters into your own hands and begin pounding some sense into me.  You would at least tell me to “Clean it up.” Depending on how quickly I responded to your demand, you may revert to one of the other two options.

The garbage on your living room floor can be cleaned up with some focused attention. But what about the garbage we pour into our minds on a daily basis? That is not so easily cleaned up. Be careful what goes into your mind.

Over the last two blogs, we have looked at two steps to finding real happiness: Step one is do something and step two is find someone. Today we will look at step three…feed your mind!

garbage 4Most people do not read a single non-fiction book after they finish school. We fill our minds with junk on the radio, T.V., the internet, and numerous other sources; but we do not take the time to fill our minds with good, positive, productive information. If we want to find real happiness, we must become life-long learners.

How many of you believe everything you read in the Bible? Now, how many of you believe everything you read on the internet? Now, I ask you, how many of you spend more time reading what you don’t believe than what you do believe?

I would encourage you to become life-long learners. Read or listen to something that will help you grow and move in the direction of your goals. If you do not have any goals, then maybe you could start with reading GOALS: Godly Objective Assuring Lasting Significance.

garbage 2

Learn more about whatever it is you do in life. If you are married, read or listen to some books on marriage (The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman) or go to a marriage conference. If you are a parent, read or listen something on parenting (Scream-Free Parenting by Hal Edward Runkel) or go to a parenting class or conference. If you want to grow spiritually, read or listen to something on spiritual growth (The Bible) or go to church. Wherever you are in life or whatever you are doing, learn more about it so you can get better.

I am a speaker and a life coach who helps people climb to their God-given potential. You know what I read and listen to the most? Books and audios on speaking, coaching, and reaching my God-given potential. Those things not only feed my mind, they feed my soul.

If you want to find real happiness, I encourage you to do something, find someone, and feed your mind. Begin or continue your lifelong quest for learning. You may have finished your formal schooling, but if you want to find real happiness and joy, you must never finish your education.

What is the next book you are going to read? Class you are going to take? Audio you are going to listen to? Whatever it is, write it down (message it to me below if you want) and then take action! Buy it, pick it up, press play, whatever you need to do please do it now!

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