God, Save Us From Practical People

Do you know what the most repeated command in the Bible is?

“Fear not” or “Do not be afraid.”  Yet, often times, we are controlled and limited by fear.

I am amazed at how adults change the way they talk to young people as they grow older. When kids are very young we say, “You can be anything you want to be!” We encourage them to dream. We want them to reach for the stars!

However, as they become teenagers we began to say things like, “You need to be practical.” “You can’t always do what you want.” “No one in our family has ever done that.”practical people

God save us from practical people!

Give us people who encourage us to dream. Give us people who continue to tell us we can do whatever we set our minds to. Give us people who are not so controlled by their own fear that they want to control everyone around them as well.

“Fear not!” “Do not be afraid!” Keep moving forward in the face of self-doubt. God is bigger than our fears no matter how practical we are encouraged to be.

My friend, Daniel Matthews, has written a great book on overcoming your fears titled; Spear Your Fear: Five Simple Steps to Retrain Your Brain for Success. In it, he gives great advice on how to move forward in the face of fear. Daniel states, “To keep your fears and self-doubt from winning, find your higher purpose, have a single focus, and look beyond the result by developing process-based goals.”

I believe the Bible reflects the same sentiment in Isiah 32:8, “The noble man makes noble plans and by noble deeds, he stands.”

Develop a focused enthusiasm for what God wants you to accomplish. Then develop specific goals to accomplish that. Then, and this may be the most important factor, take action! Just simply taking action will help you overcome your fear.
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Take action!
Take action now!!
Whatever the fear may be, taking action will help you overcome it.
What step can you take right now towards overcoming your fear?  Leave a comment and share your dream with me and how I can help you overcome any fears that may be stopping you.

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