Stop Blaming Other People


Do you believe there is something you can specifically do over the next seven days that would make your life worse?

Do you believe there is something you can specifically do in the next seven days that would make your life better?

Assuming you answered “yes” to both of those questions (and the number of times I have asked this question in front of a live audience would suggest that most, if not all, of you, answered “yes”) this is what you have just said:

Whether your life gets better or worse it is up to you.

That is a good position to be in. Whether you move forward in life or backward, it is up to you. The power is in your hands.

ziglar1.jpgOne of my favorite motivators is Zig Ziglar. He tells the story of a lady who came to see him because she hated her job. Zig asked her to go home and write down everything she liked about her job. She said, “That will be easy, I don’t like anything about that job and I do not like anything about those people I work with.”

Zig then asked her, “Do they pay you for working there?” She said, “Yes, of course, they pay me for working there.” Zig responds, “And you don’t like to be paid?” She responds, “Of course I like to be paid.”

Zig then says, “Just a minute ago you said there wasn’t anything you liked about that job.” Her response was, “I did not know you were talking about that.” Zig says, “Don’t you think that is important?”

Zig eventually had her write down everything she liked about her job and the people she worked with. Once she got a new perspective, she came up with 21 things she liked about her job. Zig then had her take that list and every morning when she woke up and every night before she went to bed he had her look at herself in the mirror and go down that list not just saying “I like my job because…” but “I LOVE my job because…”

ziglar11.jpgSeveral months later Zig got to talk to this lady again. He asked how things were going and she responded, “Mr. Ziglar, you will not believe how much those people down there have changed!” She was now loving her job and the people down there. Of course, the fact of the matter is those people had not changed at all. She changed her perspective and that made all the difference.

If it is to be, it is up to me. If you are to do, it is up to you. Stop blaming other people or circumstances. Whether your life gets better or worse, it is up to you. Do not give other people and circumstances the power to decide your destiny.

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