Personality Styles Made Simple – Workshop

How can I get along with co-workers?
My children are so different from me, how do I talk to them?
How can I find fulfillment in my workplace?
How can I make my marriage better?
How can I be a better leader?

If you’ve ever said one (or all) of these statements, this free class offered at Locust Grove Christian Church by professor Tommy Lanham, will give you the tools to discover the answers to these questions.

This would be excellent for:
* Teachers
* Parents
* Managers
* Leaders
* Employees
* Spouses
* Homeschool parents & students
* Students (ages Middle school and up)

Whether you are a teacher wanting to truly “reach” all of your students (especially the ones you cannot for the life of you understand), a parent trying to understand your children or an employee trying to be productive and get along with everyone, the information in this class will be absolutely priceless. You will walk away with a new perspective of yourself and the people around you.

Join us Tuesday night, November 22nd, 2016 at the fellowship hall of Locust Grove Christian Church in Keavy, Kentucky. (8558 Keavy Rd., London, KY) Louisville Bible College professor Tommy Lanham will be offering his personality survey for free so come join us!



Do you or your organization need a speaker for an upcoming event?   

Tommy Lanham is a personality strategist and trains groups of people in analyzing their own personalities as well as teaching them how to get along with different personalities. He is an experienced, trusted and highly enthusiastic speaker who communicates life changing truths in an entertaining way. He connects with his audience inspiring them to take action.

He speaks to various organizations of various sizes, providing the tools to help you follow your dreams to reach your potential.



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