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t06On the morning of my high school graduation, my Dad said “Boy, I never thought I’d live to see this day.” Encouraging, right? But Dad knew I struggled academically, even though I always enjoyed learning. In fact, I enjoyed the sixth grade so much, I took it twice!

Growing up, I believed I was a “just-get-by” student, at best. My college asked me to not return because of a .8 GPA. With God’s grace (and the school’s) I returned but it took me 6 years to graduate.

Years later, I pursued a Master’s Degree. I know – glutton for_mg_7209 punishment. This time, I finished the coursework for a 2-year program in just 12 months with a 4.0 GPA and graduated with highest honors. Did I mention I worked full time, changed jobs and moved our family across the state during that 12 months?

So, what changed? What took me from a “just-get-by” mindset to a high-level goal achiever?

I changed the view I had of myself, set goals I was passionate about, took action steps to achieve those goals, took captive my self-talk and mastered priority management.

Now, I speak to and train individuals and organizations to reach their God-given potential. My high-content presentations empower, entertain and energize audiences to achieve extraordinary results and live a life beyond what they ever thought possible.

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Clients say remarkable things about Tommy’s work:

lowres15“Tommy has spoken for me with my work as a community organizer for KIPDA Rural Diabetes Coalition. He gave a motivational talk at our yearly educational day last year and the evaluations were excellent. Additionally, he has worked with me to provide leadership to know how to lead a coalition and to inspire and help the members become better leaders. He runs a great and fun meeting. He abounds with short motivational quips and shares motivational stories. You cannot get any better than Tommy!”
                                       – Mona Huff, Organizer for KIPDA Rural Diabetes Coalition_MG_0176

“Tommy, your messages are uplifting and challenging.  It was refreshing to leave the service feeling inspired to do better without the guilty feeling.”

                                           -Jennifer Koutoulas, member of Campton Christian Church

“Tommy is excellent at helping me to identify the topics that are most important to me now.  Tommy has been a wonderful blessing in my life – I wish I’d found him 10 years ago!                                                                                              -Brian Osher, Gain Life Coaching

“Tommy was very helpful and inspiring – I learned not to doubt nor worry but was encouraged to actually do something about my situation.”
                                                                            -Anthony Kelly, Kentucky

cropped-mg_2463edit.jpg“I have learned from you to remind myself to stay focused in order to move forward.  You have a special way of teaching this technique.  You are a person who truly cares about how people feel.”
                    -Author, Jasmine Klapia, California

“Wow, and again I say, WOW!!  I was captivated!  Tommy, you are a very dynamic speaker and have the capability of holding people’s attention which is a unique chore this day and age.  I was spell-bound waiting for your next words.”
                    -Joan Crenshaw, Virginia

“Tommy Lanham facilitated a leadership training for our youth coalition in the summer of 2015. He was well-prepared and creative in his presentation. With the interactive approach, the youth gained knowledge about their personalities and their purpose in life. As a result of this training, we as leaders can now build on the foundation of purposeful living.”

             -Nellie Druin Executive Director at Countywide Action Reachout Effort, Inc.

Tommy Lanham is an award-winning speaker, has a Master’s degree in Life Coaching and has 18 hours of study under leadership expert Dr. John C. Maxwell. His passion is to coach, lead, and teach in a way that motivates you to believe that you can reach your God-given potential.

Tommy’s perspectives have been featured on WLEX News, The Lane Report magazine, Kentucky Voices and Views Podcast, and numerous newspapers.  He has been helping people through ministry and leadership for more than 20 years.  He is the author of GOALS:  Godly Objectives Assuring Lasting Significance.

Five things you should know:

  • “I believe that God has a specific purpose for each and every person on this planet…Including you!
  • I believe it is only in a relationship with Jesus that we are able to discover that purpose.
  • I believe God has made us to specifically fulfill His life purpose for us.
  • I believe God has given us specific gifts, passions, talents, tendencies, and experiences to equip and empower us to fulfill His purpose for us.
  • I believe most people go to their grave never knowing what their specific purpose in life is. DO NOT LET THIS BE YOU!”

When Tommy is not coaching and speaking, he invests time with his wife and kids, reading, and watching Kentucky Wildcat basketball.

A thief is only there to steal and kill and destroy. I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of.

-John 10:10 (The Message)

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