How to Speed Up the Climb to Your God-Given Potential

Whether you are leading a business, church, family or simply leading yourself, there are specific ways to be more successful. I have used this acronym before because it is so helpful in getting from where you are to where you want to be. To be more successful and better reach our God-given potential, we must FACE it: Focus, Action, Correction, and Example.

  • Focus
    Again, whether we are leading a business, church, family, or simply leading ourselves, we must develop focus. What is the specific purpose of my business? Why does my church exist? What direction do I want my family to go? What is my personal life purpose? Be specific. The more focused we are the more likely we are to hit our target.
  • ActionFACE
    Take action! Yes, we will mess up and fall flat on our faces from time to time or maybe even often. That is OK, just take action. Nothing ever happened from people just sitting around thinking about things. It is great to dream as long as we get up and do something about it. Take action.
  • Correction
    After we begin to take action and fall flat on our face, let’s ask this question, “What can I learn from this?” Every time we fail we have the opportunity to begin again more intelligently. Make the needed corrections and then take action again.
  • Example
    The best way to shorten the learning curve is to find an example to follow. Find a business that is where we want to be and learn from them. Find a church that is reaching people and growing the way we would like to grow and learn from them. Find a family that is the kind of family we would like to be and learn from them. Find someone who is where we would like to be in life and learn from them. Find models to follow in our endeavor to climb to our God-given potential.

If we focus, take action, make corrections, and follow good examples it will speed up our climb to our God-given potential.

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