Do You Want to be Happy?

happy 4Are you happy? Do you want to be happy? What are you doing to find real happiness? Most people want to be happy. I have never met anyone who said, “I want to be miserable.”  But we often look for happiness in the wrong places.

John Maxwell tells of the time an interviewer asked his wife, Margret, if John made her happy. John Maxwell smiled as he expected a positive answer to this question, but to his surprise, she said, “No.” He was shocked until she explained; “It is not up to John to make me happy. It is up to me to decide to be happy.” She went on to explain how expecting someone else to make you happy will almost always leave you feeling unhappy.

It is too big of a responsibility to be in charge of someone else’s happiness. That responsibility can only be placed on the individual. In other words, if you want to be happy you have to decide for yourself to be happy.

Thappy 6hat next relationship will not make you happy.
That next promotion or job will not make you happy.
The next move will not make you happy.
Having kids will not make you happy.
Your spouse will not make you happy.

No’thing’ will make you happy long term. You may experience temporary happiness, but eventually, all of these will let you down. If you decide to be happy and joyful then all of these other experiences will actually be a more joyful experience.

happy 9So, the decision is yours. Will you make the decision to be happy? Paul, in Acts 26:2, says; “I think myself happy” (NKJV). Do not expect other people and situations to make you happy, think yourself happy and everything else will be a happier experience.

Over the next four blogs, we will look at four easy steps to finding real happiness.

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