Do You Have a Good, Positive, Can-Do Attitude?

attitudeMany people know what altitude of an airplane refers to: the measurement of how high a plane is above the ground or sea level. However, it is not as commonly known what the attitude of an airplane refers to. The attitude of an airplane is the tilt of the plane in relation to the wind and the ground.

The attitude of the plane determines the altitude of the plane. The determination of how high or low a plane may be is the attitude of the plane. The attitude of the plane is immensely important, especially during takeoff and landing.

If the attitude of the plane is not right as it lands on the runway it may be an extremely rough landing. If the attitude is bad enough it could mean injury or even death. When a plane has the right attitude it can climb to great heights, create a peaceful situation, and even save lives!

attitude2.jpgThe same is true for us. Our attitude determines our altitude. Our attitude determines where and how high we go in life. As you climb to your God-given potential remember the significance of your attitude.  It determines how high you can climb, the peacefulness in your life, and even the ability to help avoid tragedy.

If your attitude is bad, it could create a very rough life just like it creates a very rough landing for a plane. Then, when our life becomes a wreck, because of our attitude, we want to blame everyone else but ourselves. When in reality, if we had the right attitude our journey would have been much smoother.

This is not to say that having a good, positive, can-do attitude will eliminate all of our attitude3.jpgproblems. We will still have problems, but with the right attitude, we can better handle those problems. When a plane experiences turbulence, often they will adjust their attitude to climb to a higher altitude where they can experience a smoother ride.

Check your attitude today. When you face turbulence (as we all will from time to time) how can you adjust your attitude in a way to take the high road where there will be less turbulence? Most importantly, what kind of attitude do you need to better climb to your God-given potential?

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