Ministry Leadership Coaching

Ministry Leadership Coaching
How Ministry Leaders Benefit From Coaching

As a coach, I specialize in helping Pastors, ministry leaders and leadership teams:

  • Build ministry teams
  • Develop ministry and communication strategies to navigate seasons of growth or transition
  • Chart a ministry path that is both satisfying and significant.
  • Self-assess your personal leadership style and create action plans for your own development
  • Evaluate and enhance internal communication
  • Develop priority management strategies that work for you
  • Balance ministry, family and personal life

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The Coaching Process_MG_0181

The coaching process starts with a free Complimentary Session, which gives us the chance to meet each other, talk through your objectives, and design the optimum coaching relationship for your needs.  It’s a no-obligation opportunity for you to explore the difference it can make to work with a coach.

The coaching relationship is comprised of four interrelated components:
1. Identifying developmental objectives for both you and your ministry, and creating an overall growth plan.
2.  Focusing on key challenges, obstacles and choke points, and generating options and strategies to impact them.
3.  Converting general strategies into specific action steps, and developing follow-up structures to ensure timely completion.
4.  Providing energizing personal support and advocacy throughout the process.


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