Busting Through Roadblocks to Your God-Given Potential

roadblocks2It was 20 years ago when I bought my first Zig Ziglar cassette tape at a local bookstore in Corbin, Kentucky. That tape sparked something in me that has grown for the past 20 years. It sparked the desire to climb to my God-given potential.

I had read and listened to some material before that time. I had read some books by John Maxwell (John Maxwell is where I first heard of Zig Ziglar), I had read “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Steven Covey, and I frequently checked out cassette tapes from Johnson Bible College’s library so I could listen to them while I traveled to and from the weekend ministry I served during my college years. The seed of personal growth and development was already planted before I bought that Zig Ziglar cassette. But it was that cassette that sparked a flame that would glow for the next 20 years.

roadblockbuster1I continue to feed my mind with audio programs and books that help me get from where I am to where I want to be. Not only that, but I now devote my life to doing for others what Zig Ziglar, John Maxwell, Dave Ramsey, and many others have done for me through their books, audio programs, and live events. I do all I can to climb to my God-given potential and to help others climb to their God-given potential.

What is your spark? What is it that sparks such an intense passion in you that you can see yourself doing it for the next 20 years or even the rest of your life? What is it that you love to experience so much that you must help others experience the same thing? What is it that God has put in your heart and soul that it is your vehicle for climbing to your God-given potential?

roadblockbuster2Unfortunately, we experience roadblocks along the way that try to stop us from reaching our God-given potential. Over the next four blogs, I will address four of these roadblocks and prescribe a blockbuster for each one.

I hope you will journey with me this week as we look at four potential roadblocks and how to bust through each one of them. I desire to climb to my God-given potential and I have the same desire for you. Let’s go on this journey together!

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_MG_6842cropTommy Lanham is a dynamic, award-winning speaker who has been training individuals and organizations to reach their God-given potential for 25 years. With a unique blend of Ziglar motivation and ragamuffin faith, Tommy delivers powerful, life changing messages filled with humor, hope, and enthusiasm.

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