Are You Wasting Your Life?

How many times have you heard someone make the comment, “I am the same person I have always been”? I am not sure exactly what they mean by that, but I cannot help but see that as an insult to themselves. To say, “I am the same person I have always been” is to say “I have never grown up” or “I am not any smarter now than I ever was” or “I just don’t give a crap about getting any better in any area of my life”.

I know many people reach a plateau and never really grow beyond a certain point. That seems sad to me, not something to brag about.

If you are the same person at 40 as you were at 20 you have wasted 20 years of your life. As we grow older we should be growing in other areas as well. Unless we are perfect, (and none of us are) we should always be growing.

ludicrousThe reason most people do not grow is that growth means change and sometimes change can be painful. There is no growth without change. We have to consistently be changing if we want to grow. That means we will not be the same person we have always been. When we grow, we become different. We change and become better.

If you want something you have never had, you will have to do something you have never done. That is the process of growth. If we just settle, then we will never reach our God-given potential. God is not done with you. So, do not settle. Keep growing. Keep learning. Keep stretching. Do whatever it takes to get from where you are to where you want to be.

I can remember being so shy, I would not look the cashier in the eye as I made a purchase. I hoped they would not talk to me so I would not have to speak. Thankfully, today I am not the same person I had always been.


I  can remember a day when I hated school or any kind of academics. I had no desire to stretch myself in this area. Thankfully, today I am not the same person I had always been.

Before I got married, I would preach and teach often on marriage and relationships. After I got married I stopped! I realized I was clueless about marriage and relationships. I was married for almost 15 years before I felt mentally, emotionally, and spiritually prepared to teach on marriage and relationships again. It has been a brutal learning process for me; but I have learned from experience, books, audio programs, classes, and especially from other married couples who were much better at this marriage thing than I was. As I have learned, I have become a much better husband, dad, and teacher. Thankfully, today I am not the same person I had always been.

You can change! You can grow! But not if you are satisfied being the same person you have always been.

God is not done with you…so, never settle, live with enthusiasm, and turn the world upside down… Here we go!

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