Are You Too Good to be Great?

You are doing what you need to do, feeling what you need to feel, thinking what you need to think, and believing what you need to believe in order to get the exact results you are getting right now. If you want to get from where you are to where you want to be one or more of your actions, feelings, thoughts, or beliefs must change. In other words, what got you here will not get you there.

The most common misconception I have experienced in 20 plus years of helping people climb to their God-given potential is the belief that people can remain as they are and still move forward. When you say it out loud it sounds ludicrous, but I am amazed at how many individuals and organizations live this way. You cannot move forward by standing still.

A lot of my work has been with churches and just about every church I have ever talked with says, “We want to grow.” However, very seldom are they willing to do what it takes to grow. There is no growth without change.

ludicrousCraig Valentine often asks the question, “Are you too good to be great?” In other words, is just being good, good enough for you? The enemy of the great is the good.

John Maxwell was speaking once and showed his congregation a book with the top 10 largest churches in America listed, 40 years earlier. He then went on to explain that none of those 10 churches were still on that list. Actually, four of them no longer even existed.

What happened? Perhaps they allowed their successes to ruin them. After experiencing a little success they began to settle. They lost their edge. Perhaps, reaching people with the gospel was no longer their driving force. They became satisfied with their success.

Are you too good to be great? Has your organization arrived at a place where you are comfortable and you have decided to stay there? Have you settled?  Has your church settled?

If you want to continue growing, you must continue changing your actions, feelings, thoughts, and beliefs.

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