Are You Scheduled or Spontaneous?

Over the last three blogs, we have looked at how different people energize, communicate, and make decisions. Today we will look at how different people prioritize. Again, we can break this down into two different styles of prioritizing.

Judging means “preferring to make decisions;” it does not mean “judgmental” in the sense of constantly making negative evaluations about people and events. They like to live in a planned, orderly way. They are scheduled, organized, and try to avoid last-minute stress.

They want to make decisions, come to closure, and move on. Their lives tend to be structured and organized, and they like to have things settled. Sticking to a plan and schedule is very important to them, and they enjoy getting things done.

Perceiving means “preferring to take in information;” it does not mean “perceptive” in the sense of having quick and accurate perceptions about people and events. They like to live in a flexible, spontaneous way. They are flexible, casual, and find last-minute pressures energizing.

Perceivers find detailed plans and final decisions confining. They prefer to stay open to new information and last-minute options. They enjoy being resourceful in adapting to the opportunities and demands of the moment.

This is how different people prioritize. Neither is good or bad. It is how they are lived out that matters. We need both.

judging3When the judging and the perceiving can work together toward a common goal, they can complement each other well. However, if each one thinks they are right and the other is wrong, they will forever be in conflict. I am a firm believer that great minds do NOT think alike. However, great minds do think together!

We do not need people to think alike. We need each person to bring their differences; their different ways energizing, different ways of communicating, different ways of decision making, and their different ways of prioritizing; and use those differences to work together toward a common goal or purpose. That is what great minds do. They do NOT think alike, they simply think together.


Are you more of a judger or a perceiver?

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