Are You Going to Dream or Are You Going to Climb?

The number one characteristic of people who climb to their God-given potential is that they are action oriented. They may make mistakes along the way, but they make adjustments and keep moving forward.

green-lightsOften times we wait for everything to be just right before we take action. That is like waiting for all the traffic lights to turn green before you drive to your destination. Get in the car and drive. If you must temporally stop along the way, then stop for a short period and then go.

Sometimes I hear people talking about waiting on God. There are times we do need to wait when God has made it very plain that waiting is what we need to do. However, most of the time we are just trying to spiritualize our reluctance to take action. Most of the time when I hear people talking about waiting on God, I get this strong feeling that God is probably waiting on them.

Take action! You are only on this earth for a short period of time. Do not waste it by spending most of your time just waiting. Do something! Anything!! Just take action!!!

John Maxwell says, “What separates a developer of a successful dream from a mere daydreamer is committed action.” I strongly encourage you to dream, but then do something about that dream. Do not just dream for the sake of dreaming. Dream so you can change the world! That will only happen if you put the dream into practice by actually taking action.

Sure it is scary. That is the reason most people do not take action. You are different. You are not just a dreamer, you are a climber. You are not content to just dream about reaching your God-given potential. You are going to actually make the climb to achieving it!

not doneYou are the person who is willing to join the top 10% of people who invest in their personal growth and development. You do not stop there, you are a part of the 1% who actually put into action what you learn. You do not just read blogs, books, and go to seminars to learn. You do all that stuff and more to be the best version of you!

Take action! Whatever it is, do it!! Overcome the fear that stops most people in their tracks and become a part of the 1% that turn the world upside down!!!

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