An Atheist’s Journey to Faith: A Movie Review of “The Case for Christ”


case movieLast night I went with my church family to see the movie, “The Case for Christ.” I read the book several years ago and had been greatly anticipating seeing the movie since I heard they were making it. I was not disappointed.

Although it was not as good as the book (movies seldom are), it was well done and brought forth a great message. The movie is based on the life of Lee Strobel.  Lee was an atheist that decided to investigate the Christian faith, and specifically the resurrection of Jesus, after his wife became a Christian.

case for faithWanting desperately to prove his wife wrong, he set out on a journalistic investigation by meeting up with some of the top experts in the fields of science, psychology, medicine, philosophy, and yes, theology. Although the movie does not bring this out, Strobel’s investigation took approximately two years to conclude. As a top notch journalist for the Chicago Tribune who was also an atheist, all he was looking for were the facts to prove the Christian faith wrong.

The movie follows Strobel’s journey through this process to the point of his ultimate conclusion. One important moment in the movie is where Strobel had published a story about a man involved in a shooting before he had acquired all the facts. As a result, the man was convicted of the shooting and later badly beaten in prison. Strobel eventually apologized to the man for reporting on the incident before having all the facts. The man looks at Strobel and says, “You did not want to see all the facts.”

caseStrobel realizes that this man’s statement was not only true about the shooting, it was also true about the resurrection and the Christian faith. After gathering facts and investing for two years to disprove the resurrection and the claims of the Christian faith, Strobel comes to this conclusion; it would take more faith to remain an atheist than it would to become a Christian. (Again, the movie does not bring this out as strongly as the book does.)

If you have questions about the Christian faith and you enjoy movies I would encourage you to see “The Case For Christ”. If you enjoy reading and you have questions about the Christian faith, it would be even better to read the book of the same title.

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