Organized Dreaming – Turning Your Dreams Into Reality


√ Organized Dreaming

Turning your Dreams into Reality

Are you living your dream or settling for what life brings?
Are you tired of getting frustrated with yourself when you attempt to set goals?
Do you want to discover a simpler way to make changes and follow your dreams?

You are merely five steps away!

       In this exciting, positive presentation, award-winning speaker, Tommy Lanham, shares with you his 5 simple steps to effective goal setting with specific directions on how to turn your dreams into reality._MG_7913

Organized Dreaming includes:
• How to develop your personal dream list
• How to choose a focus goal
• How to overcome obstacles
• How to develop an action plan
• The secret to success
• And more!

      If you have been dreaming about reaching your goals for a while now and things just aren’t happening as fast as you would want, then I’d like to help you create a MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH.

– Help you get crystal clear about your dreams and goals.
– Uncover the hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your dreams.
– Get renewed, re-energized, and inspired to turn your dreams into reality.

       Let Tommy show you how to rise above the ordinary, conquer your fears, and overcome the obstacles that keep you from reaching your dreams.

“It’s not about willpower, but want-power and ultimately must-power.
You were made for this.”

“The noble man makes noble plans, and by noble deeds, he stands.” – Isaiah 32:8 (NIV)

Perfect for students, entrepreneurs, aspiring writers, artists, business owners, anyone with a dream they want to follow!

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