Great Minds Think Together – How Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

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How Teamwork Makes the Dream Work


-Have you ever wondered “What’s the matter with people?”
-Do you wish you could understand people, be more productive and reduce conflict?
– Have you ever wanted to know how someone is likely to react?

What an invaluable advantage it would be to know these answers!

Every single human on this planet is driven by one of four unique personality styles with which they are born. It’s hardwired right in! These personality styles radically impact how people see the world and how they react and interact with others.

Sometimes, these personality styles seem to clash. When co-workers aren’t seeing eye-to-eye and management does not feel able to communicate with employees, the work environment seems toxic.

Tommy helps maximize your understanding of people and helps you get results in your professional and personal life. Tommy identifies and describes distinct personality styles in a way that is interesting, memorable, practical and even humorous.

Your team will understand others around them and walk away:pointing-at-camera-photo-with-no-background

– With improved productivity
– Understanding workplace preferences
– With tools to cope with stress and manage projects
– With better decision-making strategies
– With improved effectiveness
– With secrets on how to understand and deal with conflict between different personalities
– Identifying their own strengths and weaknesses
– Easily determining the personality style of teammates
– Knowing how to turn personal conflict into passionate community
– Uniquely focused

This just might be the most practical information you will ever hear.

Tommy’s presentation is more than just a speech…
it is an interactive life coaching experience

Stop trying to make others like you. It never works.

Perfect for anyone who works with difficult people.

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