5 Simple Steps to Turn a Generic Goal Into a Focus Goal

Many people do not follow through on their goals because we often make reaching goals too complicated. Reaching goals, or resolutions, has become a joke rather than a motivation. Would you become more motivated if there was a simpler way? There is a better way and you can use a simple acronym of the word G.O.A.L.S. to make it happen!

  1. Goalpassion Quote

Choose a goal that stirs up enough passion in you that you are not going to give up when it
gets difficult because it will get difficult. Write down the goal and see if you can make it more specific, measurable, positive, and present tense. For instance, instead of saying, “I want to lose weight.” Change it:

Specific and measurable: “I want to lose 20 pounds.”
Positive: “I will weigh 175.”
Present tense: “I weigh 175.”

  1. Obstacles

Identify what obstacles stand in the way of achieving your focus goal. Write them down. You must write down your obstacles in order to identify what you need to overcome. Obstacles are stepping stones toward your focus goal. You can’t climb a smooth mountain.

  1. Action Steps

After you have written your focus goal in a specific, measurable, positive, and present tense way and you have listed your obstacles, then you are ready to write down your action steps. Write down at least one action step to overcome each obstacle. When possible, write down a completion date for each action step.

  1. Little Bit Of Help

Who and what can help you reach your focus goal? Do not try to make this journey alone. Having help will not guarantee your success, but not having help almost always guarantees your failure. What people, books, training, institutions, Google searches, etc. can help you reach your focus goal? If you are really serious about achieving your focus goal, consider hiring a coach.

  1. Set A Date

Goals are really just dreams with dates on them. A goal without a date is not really a goal. At best, it is a dream that has the potential of becoming a goal. At worst, it is simply a wish you will never take any action toward. Set a date! If you have to re-adjust it later, that is okay! But set a date so you have something to aim for right now!

Here is the secret to achieving your focus goal: If you fall down seven times, get up eight! You will fail along the way.  Get back up! Keep going! Never give up! Remember some of the people on your ‘Little Bit Of Help’ list and get some encouragement from them. In order to help keep yourself motivated and focused, make sure you do something every day towards your focus goal.

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Tommy Lanham is an author, speaker, pastor, and coach. He travels to churches and other organizations to speak on goals, priority management, faith, and other related topics. If you would like to find out more about Tommy’s speaking and coaching please visit his website:www.TommyLanham.com

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