5 Benefits of Working Toward Goals Plus One Bonus!

5 Benefits of Working Toward Goals Plus One Bonus!

goalWhy all the hoopla about goals this time of year? Well, David G. Jensen, Chief Administrative Officer at the Crump Institute of Biological Imaging for the UCLA School of Medicine, did a study and found that people who set goals and develop a plan of action to reach those goals experience six specific benefits.

  1. You are more enthusiastic

As you move toward your goals, it creates an enthusiasm inside of you. Having a goal to move toward is motivating. There is just something exciting about seeing yourself make progress in reaching a goal.

  1. You have better healthhealth

What a person becomes in moving toward a goal is even more important than reaching that goal. If you set a goal to reach a certain weight and you only get half way there, at least you are better off than you were before you started. Plus your goal becomes much more reachable.

  1. You have better performance

Those who have goals and a plan of action to reach those goals perform better in their careers. Most employers want somebody who is goal- oriented because they get more done. If you are an entrepreneur, your business is more likely to succeed if you have some goals you are working toward.

  1. You have a happier marriage

Logo-happy-mariageOften times people set personal goals, physical goals, career goals, but what about marriage goals? Setting some relationship goals with your spouse can help improve your marriage satisfaction.

  1. You are more satisfied with life and work

Having a goal to work toward gives meaning and reason for existence. As you work toward your goal you begin to see the progress and it gives you more satisfaction. When you achieve a goal you can see the difference that it makes in you and the people around you.

Bonus: You make more money!

That is true folks. David G. Jensen found in his study that people who set goals and develop a plan of action to reach those goals earn an average of $4,000 more a month. Now, money isn’t everything, but as Zig Ziglar says, “It is reasonably close to oxygen.” $4,000 more a month may seem unrealistic to some (it depends on how goal oriented you already are) but just think if Jensen is half wrong…That is still an extra $2,000 more a month. What would you do with an extra $24,000 a year?

Are these benefits enough for you to start working toward some goals? Are they enough to get you motivated? Regardless of who you are, I would be willing to say there is at least one of those six benefits you would like to have true in your life.


lowres07Tommy Lanham is an author, speaker, pastor, and coach. He travels to churches and other organizations to speak on goals, priority management, faith, and other related topics. If you would like to find out more about Tommy’s speaking and coaching please visit his website: www.TommyLanham.com